“There’s no such thing as bad days, only hard days.”


By reaching up and reaching out, the JT Mestdagh Foundation sees a world changed and improved by children with congenital colorectal issues who receive world-class medical care, and by those with dyslexia and other learning disabilities who excel with the best possible educational testing, mentoring, and tutoring, especially using the Tattum Reading program. The foundation also envisions these young people’s families, caregivers, and educators surrounded with love and hope as well as practical tools and creative strategies to ease the demands that no one should face alone.


We stand proudly committed to compassionate service to model the welcoming love and encouragement of Jesus Christ. With our combined efforts, all fundraising communication, and grant-making is done with utmost honesty, transparency, and sensitivity.


JT “Jester” Mestdagh was born with both VATER/VACTERL syndrome and severe dyslexia and learning differences. Through faith, a positive attitude, empathy, and the spiritual, emotional, and practical help of his family and countless others, JT Mestdagh is now a grateful entrepreneur, outdoorsman, and encourager committed to giving back.